Cardiff Pride: Queers Take the Streets | Pride Caerdydd: Cwiariaid yn Meddu’r Strydoedd

On the 26th of August queer antifascists took to the streets of Cardiff. They and other LGBTQIA+ workers joined the IWW’s Radical Block at Pride, marching in the spirit of the Stonewall Riots and in solidarity with the Glasgow Five. Police attempted to remove placards, send the Block to the back and then stop it entirely, but the group marched on and held its place in the parade. Its presence was made clear, in banners, attitude and chants of “No Pride in police!”, “Free the Glasgow Five!”, and “These queers bash back!”. Despite IWW Cymru having an official place in the parade, at the end of the route further police reinforcements attempted to move the Block to a designated pen, apparently threatening a Section 14. Finished with marching, the Block ignored the police and left as a group for the park. There they enjoyed the Queer Picnic, a radical, inclusive, non-corporate alternative to Pride Cymru.

Pride belongs to the dispossesed, not the bosses, the police and those who would grind us into silence. These queers aren’t backing down.

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Ar yr 26ain o Awst meddiannwyd strydoedd Caerdydd gan gwrthffasgiaid cwiâr. Ymunon nhw gyda gweithwyr LHDTC+ eraill yn Bloc Radical yr IWW yn Pride, i fartsio yn ysbryd Terfysgoedd Stonewall ac mewn unoliaeth â’r Glasgow Five. Ceisiodd yr heddlu ddwyn placardiau, anfon y Bloc i’r cefn ac yna ei atal yn llwyr, ond martsiodd y Bloc ymlaen gan ddal ei le yn y parêd. Gwnaed ei bresenoldeb yn amlwg, trwy ei faneri, ymddygiad a bloeddiadau o “No Pride in police!”, “Free the Glasgow Five!” a “These queers bash back!”. Er bod gan IWW Cymru lle swyddogol yn y parêd, ar ddiwedd y llwybr ceisiodd mwy o heddlu symud y Bloc i gorlan benodol, gan fygwth Section 14 yn ôl pob sôn. Wedi cwpla martsio, anwybyddodd y Bloc yr heddlu gan adael fel grŵp i’r parc. Yna, wnaethon nhw joio’r Queer Picnic, cynulliad radical, cynhwysol, di-gorfforaethol sy’n ddigwyddiad amgen yn lle Pride Cymru.

Yr orthrymedig sy’n meddu Pride, nid y bosys, yr heddlu a’r rhai sy’n ceisio ein malu’n fan ddarnau. Ma’r cwiariaid ‘ma’n dal eu tir.

Os oes gennych chi communique i’r wefan Gwrthffasgiaid Cwiâr a Grac cyhoeddi, cysylltwch.


Carnival Against Fascism: Bristol, Sunday 10th September

Starting point: Queens Square 11:30am

Carnival against fascism

A day of partying, resistance and PRIDE!


The far right are coming to Bristol to try to spread their Islamophobic and racist agenda. This time they’re using the label ‘Gays against Sharia’ in a blatant attempt to tokenise LGBTQIA+ communities and use us for their own ends.

This has been tried before in Bristol: in 2012, the EDL marched during Bristol Pride. While their PR claimed they were here ‘to protect gays'(!), their violent homophobic attacks on the day told another story.[0]

Let’s not be fooled by their latest clumsy attempt to wrap fascism in a rainbow flag.

We will not be used to spread oppression that would inevitably turn straight back on us. History shows that wherever these bigots gain momentum by scapegoating one group (Muslims and migrants today, Jews in the 30s) they target us soon after.

So we are planning to stop them with a large, spectacular and fabulous carnival – dust off your heels, shine up your boots and join us!



Cops and far-right thugs can be unpredictable, so we recommend you come with friends and stick together. Let’s keep each other safe!

This event is queer-led but anyone who wants to stop fascism, racism and homophobia is very welcome.


So who are ‘Gays against Sharia’?

On their last outing (Manchester, June 2017) they yelled racist and homophobic abuse and attacked people. A homeless man was hospitalised while protecting a mum and young daughter from them.[1] Sikh volunteers giving away food were threatened and ‘had to scarper for our own safety’.[2]

All the key figures are far-right and most have no genuine interest in queer communities:

Annie Greek‘ (Ioanna Photiou): The main organiser of their Bristol demo, hilariously spotted on twitter[3] saying:

Tommy English‘ (Tommy Cook): used to be the (mostly one-man) ‘LGBT division’ of the EDL.

Jack Buckby: ex-BNP who stood as a candidate MP in Jo Cox’s area after she was murdered by the far-right.

Ann Marie Waters: so toxic that even UKIP deselected her as a candidate. Writes for Breitbart.

Tommy Robinson‘ (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon): former EDL leader. What a lovely guy. Not.

B+W Leaflet and poster for cheap printing.

Colour versions (nicer): Leaflet and poster


Contact: angryqueerantifascists(at)riseup(dot)net


And here’s the facebook event.